Repossession Towing

NL Towing is a Full Service Repossession Company with the highest dedication to obtaining a full recovery of your assets, every time. We pride ourselves on personalized services and commitment to our clients. We are able to provide unparalleled service to our clients with liquidation and door knocking services when it comes to repossession towing. We are experts in all aspects of recovery business with special emphasis on collection, recovery and skip tracing.

Repossession Towing Services We Provide

-Involuntary Repossession
-Voluntary Repossession
-Vehicle Auction Preparation
-Skip Tracing
-Plate surrender to DMV
-Condition Report + Pictures

NL Towing has top rate repossession equipment that is well maintained. Their repo agents have years of experience in all aspects of collateral recovery and are dedicated to making sure your collateral is recovered damage free in a safe and professional manner. Call NL Towing at (347) 941-0448 for all your Repossession Towing needs.


New York City

(347) 941-0448

Hours Of Operation
  • 24 Hours
  • 7 Days A Week