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If you are a business owner in New York City and you need Private Property Towing services NL Towing has your back. As you know, the NYC area holds one of the largest populations in the world making it impossible to park. To prevent the unauthorized use of your property, shopping center, mall or business private parking call NL Towing for your Private Property Towing needs. NL Towing has implemented more than a dozen methods that will help prevent and STOP any unauthorized use of your private property. We are a New York City Private Property towing company that specializes in parking lot and property maintenance for both Commercial and Private Properties in and all around New York City.

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Illegally Parked Towing New York City

We stop your Private Property problem completely with the placement of Effective Warning Signs and daily maintenance. Private Property Towing in New York City done effectively with none other than NL Towing.

How To Get Started

1. Call NL Towing (347) 941-0448

2. Set-Up your Account within minutes

3. Within 24 hours we will Post Private Property Parking Enforcement Signs and agree upon a schedule.

4. NL Towing Services will immediately begin removing all Vehicles deemed unauthorized or in violation of misuse of your private property.

5. Keep in mind, All vehicle towing is at no cost to you. Also it is up to you to call in and make a complaint. Tow Operators don’t stay on-site, unless warranted.

Reliable New York City Private Property Towing Company

Call NL Towing today at (347) 941-0448 for your private property towing needs. We ensure you have a true partner in your goal of achieving parking compliance. We resolve the situation immediately and allow you to move on with your day. With an eye toward long term parking compliance, NL Towing Service’s team can provide patrol, enforcement and support for all of your New York City private property towing needs.

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